Shuffling up the cube at the airport waiting for my flight to Grand Prix Los Angeles! Planning on drafting it first thing when I get there! Time for a P1-P1!!!

  • Tempt with Vengeance
  • Magus of the Arena
  • Sign in Blood
  • Chromanticore 
  • Thorncaster Sliver 
  • Vow of Malice
  • Angel of Finality
  • Quagmire Druid
  • Nezumi Graverobber
  • Whirlpool Whelm
  • Aura Shards
  • Boon Satyr
  • Vivid Grove
  • Craterhoof Behemoth
  • Gruul Guildgate

What’s your pick?

gp_logoMy friends and I are going to meet up at Grand Prix LA. This will be only my second time back to California (that wasn’t related to a family member passing) since I moved to Washington, so I am excited to get to see my friends and play some Magic! The Grand Prix format is Modern, but we aren’t going to play in the main event, we are going to hang out and spend time together. Of course I’ve been thinking about which Commander decks I want to take, and I’ll start checking the artists that will be in attendance soon so I can be sure I have a good mix of cards to get signed. I’m certain that we will get in a Shadows Over Innistrad draft while there as well. Above and beyond all of that normal Grand Prix stuff I’ve been coming up with new ideas now and then to throw a wrench into the mix! Don’t get me wrong, I love playing Commander with the decks that we’ve all had for years, but I don’t want to “only” play against those decks. I want to try some new things and I want the guys to branch out and try some new things as well.

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angry-smileyHow do you feel when you lose a game of Magic? It hurts right? You are mad at yourself for making a choice somewhere that obviously wasn’t right. You are mad at one of the other players because they took you out when obviously another player was the threat. You are mad at your deck for not giving you that hail-Mary top-deck that would keep you in the game. How do you feel when you win a game? You are pretty happy right? For about thirty seconds. Or maybe you aren’t even happy because “It was luck that I beat you” or “I hate to win by decking” or some other reason.

In Magic, as in life, we tend to tie our own self-worth to winning or losing the game. The problem is that losing a game is far more damaging to our psyche than winning can repair.

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This is a rant that I wrote about a year ago. Since then I haven’t really been to many Friday Night Magic events, but recently I’ve been to a couple, and this post lines up a little bit with my recent experiences as well.



Last night I went to my first FNM in years. I had the time on a Friday for once so I decided “screw it, I’m gonna go!” I put together a kinda janky 5-color sliver deck (Magic 2015 was the current set and I LOVE Slivers!) and headed over to the shop. Bear in mind that I mainly play Commander. Recently I also decided to mostly cull my “standard” cards down to 1 copy of each. Luckily my slivers, even the common and uncommon ones, are in a separate location and missed this culling. However, of the new M15 slivers, I didn’t have full play sets. Anyway, this shop hosts free FNM, so it was perfect. I knew I was going to lose, but I didn’t really care because I hadn’t invested any money in it.

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It has been a while since I’ve posted to Commander Shenanagins. For that I apologize. I’ve had a lot going on, but that really isn’t an excuse, just something that we all say when we don’t do things that we know we should. The title of this article is “Drafts, Drafts, and More Drafts” but it isn’t about drafting in the Magic sense. I’ve certainly participated in some Magic drafts over the past year or so since I’ve written an article, but what I’m really talking about are the unfinished draft articles.

As I wrote my new post regarding welcoming of new players into existing store and player communities, I noticed that I had quite a few unfinished drafts in my account! Seven to be exact. Some of these are out of date and will no longer be relevant, but many of them will be. I fully intend to polish these up and get them posted in the very near future, and I also fully intend to keep up with writing and posting new articles as well.

Until next time, happy Magic playing everybody!

Magic is a very complex game, and I’m not talking about the rules. Sure, the rules take some learning, and there are so many cards that it is fairly ridiculous, but what I am really talking about is the social aspect of the game. A large portion of Magic players are nerds and geeks. Call me out for stereotyping, but it is true. As such, many of us are probably pretty shy. But to play the game, we have to interact with other people, particularly if we are playing in person! One of my biggest fears is walking into a new place and striking up a conversation with someone that I don’t know, and when I go to play Magic, I have to do this more than once!

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The battlefield stretched out before Sydri, the bodies of her forces littered the ground. Above the field the giant Esperzoa lowered it’s tentacles to envelop the massive ball of myr that had crushed her enemies the turn before. The battlesphere shuddered under the charge of the flying jellyfish and disappeared from the field, leaving it’s helper myr behind. Sydri could feel the energy of the sphere become available to her and she drew upon the mana of the scorched, mechanical landscape around her and summoned the battlesphere to the battlefield once more, bringing with it a new group of myr helpers. When the sphere had the ability to surge forward into her opponents, it would have more myr to draw power from than it had during the previous attack…


The interactions between artifacts in Magic: the Gathering have always been a great fascination to me. When I started playing Magic again, one of the first sets of cards I obtained (as a Christmas gift courtesy of my wonderful wife) was the Metallic Dreams Planechase deck. When Archenemy came out, the only deck I wanted was Assemble the Doomsday Machine. One of my first Commander decks was Sharuum the Hegemon… as you all should know by now.

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