Commander Cube: P1P1 – 006

Time for another Commander Cube P1P1!!! What do you pick?

Reanimate Repulse Capricious Efreet
Sliver Construct Warstorm Surge Thran Dynamo
Fog Bank Urban Evolution Endless Cockroaches
Carnage Altar Mortivore Life's Finale
Watcher Sliver Bident of Thassa Izzet Guildgate
This pack generated from, the MTG Deck Builder

There are a few solid picks in this pack. Nothing outstanding, but solid. First, you can almost never go wrong with a mana rock. Thran Dynamo is a great choice in any Commander deck. Sweepers are also great in Commander, so there can be no fault in taking Life’s Finale. I like to have a sacrifice outlet in my decks, so Carnage Altar is also a good choice. If you want a more build-around-me type card to start off with, I can see taking Warstorm Surge, either of the Slivers or even the Reanimate. Finally, if you just want some solid protection in a color that is all about the control, a strong choice is Fog Bank.

I think that for my pick I would take… Thran Dynamo. All the mana, all the time!


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