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Time for another Commander Cube P1P1!!! What do you pick?

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It’s that time again! Pack 1 Pick 1 out of my Commander Cube!

(I’ll make a note here that this Commander Cube’s time is limited. Sure, on Tapped Out it lives on, but in real life it is well on the way to being completely disassembled. That said, I have plans. A new Commander Cube is coming. I don’t know how long it will take, but I know that the ideas behind it will be a whole lot of fun!

So, what is your pick?

Sword of the Paruns Teneb, the Harvester Arcane Sanctum
Dromar's Charm Tranquil Thicket Anger
Lightning Greaves Ral Zarek Phyrexian Delver
Mogis, God of Slaughter Tooth and Claw Hull Breach
Azorius Herald Golgari Rot Farm Grazing Gladehart
This pack generated from, the MTG Deck Builder

This pack presents an interesting choice. There are a couple of great options for Commanders, there’s a planeswalker, and a couple of strong support cards. With that many good choices, the pick becomes that much more difficult. Ral is a strong walker, but he’s in blue and red, which may or may not be a great color combination depending. There is hardly any blue in this pack and a relatively small amount of red. True, we don’t know what is in the packs we will see from the other players, but based on this pack it doesn’t seem to be a promising option. Still, I wouldn’t fault anyone for first-picking him. For Commanders we have two options, Teneb, the Harvester and Mogis, God of Slaughter. Mogis puts you into the aforementioned red, and we can see that black is also light in this pack, but he is recurring damage to an opponent, and if you went red and black, you would almost certainly be aggressive, so that two damage every turn could come in quite handy. Teneb, on the other hand, is amazing. Not only is he a 6/6 flyer for 6, but for only three mana he lets you recur a creature from ANY graveyard and put it directly into play. Still, picking your Commander as your first pick is dangerous, as you tend to try and force the deck after that. You might find that the colors are blocked out, and may have to give up on it. For support, I’m calling out Lightning Greaves and Anger. Both are strong choices and are great in the decks that they end up in (Anger in an aggressive red deck – like one built around Mogis for example, and Lightning Greaves in… well, any deck really). I don’t know that either are first picks. I would probably expect Anger to wheel if you decided to take Mogis, but I don’t think that we would see Lightning Greaves again.