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The battlefield stretched out before Sydri, the bodies of her forces littered the ground. Above the field the giant Esperzoa lowered it’s tentacles to envelop the massive ball of myr that had crushed her enemies the turn before. The battlesphere shuddered under the charge of the flying jellyfish and disappeared from the field, leaving it’s helper myr behind. Sydri could feel the energy of the sphere become available to her and she drew upon the mana of the scorched, mechanical landscape around her and summoned the battlesphere to the battlefield once more, bringing with it a new group of myr helpers. When the sphere had the ability to surge forward into her opponents, it would have more myr to draw power from than it had during the previous attack…


The interactions between artifacts in Magic: the Gathering have always been a great fascination to me. When I started playing Magic again, one of the first sets of cards I obtained (as a Christmas gift courtesy of my wonderful wife) was the Metallic Dreams Planechase deck. When Archenemy came out, the only deck I wanted was Assemble the Doomsday Machine. One of my first Commander decks was Sharuum the Hegemon… as you all should know by now.

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