Magic 2015 Clash Pack

With the release of M15 comes the new Clash Pack, two pre-constructed sixty-card decks geared towards new players.


Wizards of the Coast produces many products, from Intro decks to Event Decks, and everything in-between. Some of that product is geared towards me, and some of it isn’t, but regardless of the audience for a product, the name should still match the contents.

My beef with the M15 Clash Pack is simply the fact that it is called an M15 product in the first place. The link above contains the lists for both of the decks within the M15 clash pack, and guess what? Only 18 of the 68 non-basic land cards in the lists are from M15, so only 26% of the card list is from the set that the product is named for!

I love the fact that Wizards produces product for a very large audience of people, and I appreciate the fact that some of that product is actually not meant for me. In fact, these clash packs are not really meant for me. I am an experienced Magic player and don’t need to buy pre-constructed decks to learn how to play. Wizards still tries to diversify the audience for a product so that they will sell more of them. In fact, the alternate art foil Prophet of Kruphix and Temple of Mystery available in the M15 Clash Pack will likely get me to buy a copy.


I just wish that they would do one of two things. Either name to product something else, or adjust the product to better represent what it is named after. With only 26% of the non-basic land in the lists being from M15, it shouldn’t be an M15 product. Since this product will be released at the same times every year (every core set and every middle set in a block), perhaps they could call them Summer and Winter Clash packs? If they want to keep the name M15 Clash pack, then they should adjust the decks to include more core set cards, and ideally, more core set rares. Currently these decks each have six rare cards, only one of which is from M15. The remaining five rares in each deck are all from Theros block.

I really don’t like negativity. I really don’t like those people that just complain about everything. In most cases when I don’t like something, I tend to lean towards the attitude of “this isn’t for me”. In this case, whether the product is for me or not, its name simply doesn’t match its contents.

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