Sliver Hivelord has arrived

A new lord is in town. Sliver Hivelord. Let’s break it down.


Starting with the vanilla test, we have a five-mana 5/5. Normally that would be pretty good, but since the five mana include all five colors, that makes it a little underpowered for the cost. Fusion Elemental for example is a five-mana vanilla 8/8. The other sliver lords are five-mana 7/7 creatures. So for the vanilla test, the Sliver Hivelord is a little underpowered, but not by a lot. It should have some upside, and it does.

“Sliver creatures you control have indestructible.”

So not only does the Sliver Hivelord make himself indestructible, but he makes all other slivers that you control indestructible as well! I would say that is some pretty decent upside. Once he hits the board, you negate a very large piece of the removal pie, and only bounce, tuck, or exile can save you now.

My first impression of the card was “meh”. While it is  obviously very powerful, it is a bit unexciting. It doesn’t have the flash of the Sliver Overlord or the raw power of Sliver Legion. Indestructible is nothing to laugh at though. Avacyn, Angel of Hope proves that. When she hits the table, everyone knows that she has to be taken care of as soon as possible, and Sliver Hivelord is no different. So my final impression of the Hivelord is that he is unexciting, but incredibly powerful.

That said, I obviously won’t use it in my sliver deck, simply because my sliver deck is only three colors. Will I build a new five color sliver deck? Perhaps, but not right now. I am very happy with my Progenitus Win-Con deck, as well as my Animar, Soul of Elements sliver deck, so I see no reason to build a five color sliver deck for the moment. Perhaps in the future I will want to… and we still haven’t seen what other slivers M15 holds for us!

Who will rule? Which of the four available legendary slivers should lead your other slivers into battle?


I think the answer to this question is going to boil down to each individual and what they want to build. Each sliver commander lends itself to a different play style.  Perhaps you prefer playing fortress decks? In that case, Sliver Hivelord is probably the commander for you. If you prefer a control style, then Sliver Overlord is the more relevant commander. And if you want a swarm deck, then either Sliver Queen or Sliver Legion will nicely fill that role. That said, I couldn’t imagine making a five color sliver deck and not at least including all four of these fine sliver legends.

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