The Mana Pool Kickstarter!

I’m a big listener of podcasts. Essentially, I have anywhere from an hour and half to three hours in my car every single day of the week, and I fill that time with podcasts for the most part. I listen to a lot of different ones, including comedy, movie, board gaming, and yes, Magic: The Gathering podcasts as well. At this time I’m down to two or three MTG podcasts, with one of my favorites being The Mana Pool!

I pretty much play Commander only, with the occasional draft thrown in, but primarily it’s Commander. The Mana Pool podscast is one of the casual player’s best resources out there. It is true that they don’t cater specifically to Commander players, but I find that to be a good thing. I don’t want to hear everything from the perspective of the Commander player, as I gain information and benefit from other points of view as well. Heck, my other favorite MTG podcast is Limited Resources, which has nothing to do with casual play!

Chewie and the Dorks need our help! They want to produce MORE content! They want to produce merchandise! And they want to be able to have the time to focus on producing all this merch and content. So, to help out with these items they have started… what else? A Kickstarter campaign! Let’s show these guys how much we appreciate the content that they provide, and help them achieve their goals and dreams!


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