Conspiracy – Pack 1 Pick 1

Box-RevConspiracy is here! And here is my box to prove it! I can’t wait to crack into this thing and start drafting in multiplayer! Ok, I know, I have my Commander Cube, but this has cards that have effects DURING the draft! I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m excited! And, I’m ready. I want to draft this sucker!!! Sadly, my game night is Tuesday, so I have to wait 3 more days until I can truly dig into the box. However, my group consists of four players. Three packs per player means twelve packs per draft. Out of one box we can draft three times. But what about Lore Seeker?Lore seeker lets you add another pack to the draft. As soon as one of these is drafted, one of the packs in the box gets put into the current draft, which means there won’t be enough packs to draft that third time! Oh the horror! But guess what? That means I get to open a pack to do a pack one, pick one! Let’s get this box open!!!



Box opened, pack picked, and here we go!  What is your first pick? Pack-1-rev

First and foremost, you might notice that there are three rares!

Every pack has one card that affects the draft, and it can be any rarity. In this case it was Cogwork Grinder which is pretty interesting as a first pick because that leaves you the most time to maximize on beefing him up. That said, he’s still just a potentially large creature with no evasion. It does seem worth mentioning that he also potentially helps out with meeting the criteria for the Conspiracy card Worldknit, which starts the game in play (as all Conspiracy cards do) in the Command Zone and states “As long as every card in your card pool started the game in your library or in the command zone, lands you control have “[T]: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.” With the ability to get a rare draft affecting card along with the possibility of a foil rare, and the regular rare in the pack, it is possible to get three rares in one pack which, as you can see here, we have done. Of course the Cogwork Grinder is one of the choices for a first pick. In addition to that I pulled aside Aether Tradewinds and our other two rares, Dack’s Duplicate and Plea for Power. Aether Tradewinds is a great tempo play… in a duel, but in multiplayer it is really rather weak. Dack’s Duplicate is a powerful Clone effect, at the same converted mana cost as Clone, but with both haste and dethrone (which gives the creature a +1/+1 counter each time it attacks the player with the most life). So it becomes a copy of the most powerful creature on the board, and then on the same turn outclasses that creature! The final card I’ve pulled aside out of this pack is Plea for Power, my foil rare. Plea for power is one of the new Will of the Council cards which has all players vote for either time or knowledge. If time gets the most votes, then you get another turn, and if knowledge gets the most votes or is tied for the most, you draw three cards. So you see, it is either a Time Walk or an Ancestral Recall… for a slightly more fair casting cost. Of course there are some drawbacks. There are times when an extra turn amounts to simply a free draw, so you pretty much only want to cast this card when an extra turn is profitable. That way if the vote sways towards time, then the extra turn will be useful. If, however, the vote sways towards knowledge, three cards are always useful. I’m a little torn on this choice. I like Cogwork Grinder, Dack’s Duplicate, and Plea for Power, but given the fact that I love extra turns, and it’s a foil, I think I’m going to lean towards taking Plea for Power out of this pack. P1P1-rev

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  1. Eric Lowell said:

    I had to go with the card that can change the game in an instant, one way or the other. Plea for Power.

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