Conspiracy – Pack 1 Pick 1 #s 2 & 3

While I still have to wait until Tuesday to draft my Conspiracy box with my friends, I did make it out the FLGS this afternoon for a Conspiracy draft. The draft itself was a lot of fun. I didn’t really get to utilize any of the “during the draft” cards (I drafted one but never used it), but I still had quite a lot of fun. My P1P1 was Council’s Judgement, and from there I went into a solid black/white deck. I drafted several Will of the Council cards, as well as cards that affected the vote like Brago’s Representative and Grudge Keeper. I was also trying to go into flyers and token creatures by taking an early Rousing of Souls, and an Intangible Virtue later on. That didn’t pan out as in the end I only had one Rousing of Souls, one Doomed Traveler, and very little else that could make tokens. I think the picks of the draft were when I was passed a Swords to Plowshares and then a Mortify. I was also passed an Assassinate at some point. When I opened pack three I was taken a little of guard. Here I was solidly in black/white and I open a Scourge of the Throne! Well guess what I took? Sure, he didn’t make my deck, but as you may recall, I collect dragons. (Also, he will fit into the Marchesa, the Black Rose deck that I plan to make quite nicely!)

The game itself was quite fun. There were four of us; I was playing black/white, Mike was playing black/green, Mark was playing Naya, and Noah was playing mono-white. The game started off well for me, but kind of slow for everyone else. I was able to get an early Rousing of Souls, and a Typhoid Rats on the board. Then Mike started cycling some large green creatures, then recurred them onto the board with Victimize. Noah had also started getting a presence, so I cast Rout (oh yeah, I was also passed a Rout) to get rid of the threats. This hurt Mike quite badly, as he was relying on the green mana made by his recurred creatures to fuel the Pernicious Deed that he played out shortly thereafter. Our game went on quite a bit longer, with Noah finally being taken out by Mark’s attacking walls (equipped with a Fireshrieker no less). It was down to myself, Mike and Mark, and at one point each of us had the upper hand. Then Mike counted the cards. Finally he made a call, and a deal offer. I took him up on it, and he pushed me to victory by taking Mark down pretty low so that I could finish him off. Then Mike drew out his deck to take the loss. His price? One of my prize packs of course.

In the end I am still quite excited to draft Conspiracy some more. I am really enjoying both the draft and the games. It will be different drafting with only four players rather than eight, but hey, it just means that sometimes some pretty awesome cards are going to wheel more often!

So, now I’ve opened up my two remaining prize packs and I figured we could do another P1P1 from each! Here they are. What are your P1P1s?



Well, quite honestly, this pack is pretty boring. It comes down to two cards for me, Muzzio’s Preparations and Edric, Spymaster of Trest. I could take the Hidden Agenda card and then focus on getting multiple copies of some creature to maximize it’s potential, or I could embody the true spirit of multiplayer and take Edric. In the end I think I take Edric. He rewards my opponents for attacking my other opponents, and that seems like nothing but value to me.


This pack is quite a bit more challenging to determine my P1P1. The rare, while somewhat valuable, is not that powerful, and so falls back in the draft order for me. Deal Broker seems like an interesting card. It lets you initiate a trade of any one card from your pool. The problem is that you have to offer up something that another player is going to want to trade something decent for, and if you offer up something that only one player wants, then your trade choices could be quite limited. Other than that the Morkrut Banshee is powerful as a 4/4 for five converted mana cost that can also kill another creature as long as a creature died that turn. It is a little awkward in that you probably want to hold it for value. I also may not want to lock myself into black too hard with the double black in the casting cost. The final card on my short list is Tyrant’s Choice. It is a pretty interesting removal/damage spell that lets players vote. The fact that it only affects the opponent’s creatures and life is pretty awesome. Most of the time, no matter which choice wins, it will be beneficial to you. I think that Tyrant’s Choice is going to be my P1P1 from this pack.


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