Monthly Archives: March 2014

If you are like me you started playing Magic back around 1994/95. I got into the game right after 3rd Edition came out (Unlimited packs were still available, but we were stupid and had no idea the value of what was in them. Regardless of what cards we were buying, and more important, is how we played the game. Back then the rules weren’t as extensive as they are now. There were no “Comprehensive Rules” and even if there were, there was very little internet presence for the game. All we had was a little white booklet that came in every “starter” pack, and if we misinterpreted anything, well, that was how we played it. The reason I bring this up is because of an interaction that I had with my friend Eric during a game a few days ago in which he attempted to shut down an activated ability of a creature by tapping said creature with an Icy Manipulator. The resulting interaction left me with the possibility of many topics that we could discuss; priority, the stack, and card evaluation to name a few.

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