Commander Cube: P1P1 – 3

Commander Cube: Pack 1-Pick 1 – 3

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Here are the cards in the pack:

Please make your pick for a 4-player Commander draft and post it in the comments before reading on!

This is a pretty interesting pack. I mean to me it is fairly cut and dry, I am most likely slamming Primeval Titan… big surprise, I know. While Prime-Time isn’t necessarily the best option in most limited formats, the ability to ramp, even after your 6th mana, is very important. Add to that the fact that you can get special lands, or that you could feasibly run him in a five color deck as well, and I think he makes the best possible pick one out of this pack.

But lets not overlook the other cards in the pack. There is a lot of removal in this pack from Supreme Verdict, one of the best sweepers in the game right now, to Desert Twister, one of the best targeted removal spells in the game. There’s also the powerhouse Cruel Ultimatum, though for me it has been relatively good, in multiplayer Magic it just isn’t as good as some of the other cards in the pack.

There are two potential Commanders in this pack as well, Jeleva and Basandra, and you couldn’t really ask for two who are more different from each other.  Basandra is a Boros flyer who wants to focus the game on combat, and keep that combat as pure as possible. Jeleva on the other hand relies on combat, but then augments that combat with the exiled spells that she allows you to cast. Interesting note, Basandra turns Jeleva off! In terms of picking one of them to be your Commander, the Basandra deck would probably come together pretty easily, but Jeleva is a “build around” card and you would have to focus your draft on finding instants and sorceries that you can abuse with her.

Don’t forget the Champion’s Helm either. Favorite pieces of equipment in the cube include Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots. Champion’s Helm slots right into that category in terms of protecting your Commander, so expect it to get taken fairly early.

All that said, I am still slamming Primeval Titan as my Pack 1, Pick 1!

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  1. Eric Lowell said:

    I would take the Primeval Titan. Plain and simple it is the single best ramp card ever printed. On top of that it’s a 6/6 trample for 6.

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