Commander Cube: P1P1 – 2

Commander Cube:  Pack 1-Pick 1 – 2

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What is your pack one, pick one? Comment below before reading further!

With the release of Born of the Gods (and the fact that I had some cards out of the Cube and into my constructed decks) I had to modify the Cube a bit in order to fit in some of the new cards! Seven new cards from Born of the Gods made it into the Cube, here’s the list of all the changes:



Here’s the updated complete list on Deckbox

So, on to the task at hand, Pack 1 Pick one of a 4-player Commander Cube draft!

Cards in the pack:

This is a pretty sweet pack. There are three potential Commanders in here, one of which puts you into one color, so maybe not the best choice, though if you were going to try for mono-color, P1P1 is where you want to make that decision so that you have the full six packs to fill out that color (and remember that our house-rules for this cube is 60-card decks and you can add a “support” color to any deck with two or less colors in the Commander). Aether Vial and Snapcaster Mage are also enticing considering how powerful they are. In the end however, I think I am hoping to start off this draft going for the five-color Horde of Notions deck… but what to first pick? I really, really want the Chromatic Lantern because mana-fixing in a 5-color deck is key, but if I take that and pass Horde with two other perfectly viable elementals, what are the odds that someone else takes the Horde before I get it back? If I take the Horde I pretty much guarantee that the elementals will wheel, but I can also guarantee that the Chromatic Lantern will not.

In this pack I think that I would take the Lantern, hoping for the Horde, and then at least one of the elementals to wheel.

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  1. Eric Lowell said:

    My pick1 would be chromatic lantern. It’s the best mana rock fixer in the game. With that card I can pretty much guarantee I will be OK with any multi color deck. I was also considering the Horde of Notions, an awesome 5 color general and the Aether vial, only because it would go into any deck. Snapcaster is a hard card to pass to the next player though.

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