Achievement Unlocked: Emrakul sighting in Commander!


It’s an odd achievement to be sure, particularly when the player in question has an aversion to Eldrazi due to the unfairness of annihilator, especially when they are ramped in to play, but in our most recent game night Eric achieved his goal to cheat Emrakul, the Aeons Torn into his hand and then cast him. He did it with a deck built for this sole purpose. The tools were massive amounts of mana ramp via artifacts, and the repeatable tutoring of Johnny, Combo Player (He asked permission before choosing the silver-bordered Legend as his Commander.) Johnny comes out when the mana is available to tutor, then starts finding protection pieces and mana rocks, then when the time is right, Ring of Ma’ruf is played, bringing Emrakul from outside the game into Eric’s hand. Then he casts him and takes an extra turn… and then he uses Johnny to tutor for another extra turn… and then he uses Johnny to tutor for an extra turn. Yes, that happened twice, and at that point the remaining player scooped giving Eric the win.

Congrats Eric! Now take that heinous deck apart… and maybe burn Johnny!

  1. Eric Lowell said:

    It wasn’t that bad. It worked like I designed it, maybe a little slower than I really wanted it to, but in the long run I hard cast Emrakul from my hand. It was epic. Now I need a new goal since I accomplished this one finally.

  2. Eric Lowell said:

    And I can’t burn Johnny since I collect legends. But I won’t play him again for a very long time.

  3. You weren’t watching it slowly building to the climax while being pummeled by Thraximundar at the same time! it was heinous!

  4. Eric Lowell said:

    It wasn’t heinous because another player was beating on you. You warned him what was about to happen and he let it happen. Also, you were dead by the time I really got the deck rolling. It was brutal to Dave, Dave was heinous to you and Doug was impotent the whole game.

    Now I fully admit the deck was absolutely killer. Johnny isn’t in itself broken, but built with the cards I put in the deck I broke the hell out of it.

    • I have to disagree with you… of course the game didn’t go very well for Doug or myself, and Dave chose the wrong target, letting you run away and get a pretty heavy advantage… but that said, no card is truly broken unless it has support cards that make it so. Johnny is absolutely, 100% broken. Repeatable and multiple tutors just aren’t that cheap. A single use, non-restricted, card-in-your-hand tutor is 4 mana (Diabolic Tutor). The only repeatable non-restricted, card-in-your-hand tutor that is current (and that I can think of) is Ring of Three Wishes, and it costs 5 to cast, 5 to activate, and it can only be used three times! It also can’t be affected by Training Grounds! (Though it may be able to be affected by something else… I don’t know).

      True, you can make arguments for his weaknesses, like the 1/1 body for 4 mana… but his ability has no downside. It is relatively cheap, you don’t have to wait for summoning sickness to wear off to use it, and you can use it over and over again until you run out of mana.

      Oh, and you should always, ALWAYS, cast him, and if you don’t already have it in your hand or in play, tutor for Lightning Greaves, cast that and equip it. Then you don’t have to worry about targeted removal.

  5. Eric Lowell said:

    OK. He’s completely broken.

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