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Welcome to another Pack 1, Pick 1 from our Commander Cube! Here’s the pack!


What is your first pick?

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Welcome to the first article in what may turn out to be a new series on CMDR Shenanagins, Debating the Gods. One thing that will always be true is that different cards will be evaluated differently by different players and based on different criteria based on that player’s experiences and opinions. This started when Born of the Gods came out and my friend Eric stated that Karametra, God of Harvests was not just the worst of the new batch of Gods, but also a bad card in general.

What followed was a couple weeks of discussion both in person and via text messaging debating the various points of Karametra and what makes her good or bad. This eventually led to the idea for this article. I wrote down my position on Karametra, and Eric wrote his, we sent each other these positions via email and then responded to the other’s position. The final step was for each person to rebut the other’s response. The point of this was to discuss a single card from various points of view and to realize that a lot of the time, the worth of a card will be different among different players. The emails are copied below.

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