Hey WotC! Why use old rares in the intro packs?!?

Today in the DailyMTG.com Arcana article Wizards posted the decklists for the Born of the Gods Intro Packs. It has always bothered me that these decks aren’t more tailored to the new set that is coming out… particularly when it comes time to rotation and they include cards that are going to rotate out of standard. The Born of the Gods intro packs are no exception.

I understand that intro packs are not aimed at me. They are aimed at the super-casual player who is making a last minute decision in the checkout line, but I don’t see why they can’t cater to me, the casual collector and the super casual player at the same time? Who is the “causal collector”? I can’t speak for everyone, but personally, I like buying cards, I like opening booster packs. I want a collection. I typically buy one booster box and one fat pack of every set, and then the occasional booster through the life of the set, as well as some singles if I am missing one mythic or rare that I really want. If the intro packs have a card that I particularly want, then I may buy that pack as well. Foil cards interest me, unique foil cards especially so. I currently have 9 copies (and I’m always on the lookout for more) of the Steel Hellkite prerelease promo because it happened to fall on my birthday that year… meaning the date on the card is my birthday.

If I buy an intro pack, what I am really doing is buying two rare cards and a booster pack. When it comes time to buy Born of the Gods I don’t want, nor do I need any more Theros cards, nor do I typically need any of the common or uncommon cards. Of the two cards in the intro pack that are my “incentive” to buy the pack, I only need one, and even then, primarily only because it is foil because I will most certainly have opened that card in my box. For example, the red Born of the  Gods intro pack has the Forgestoker Dragon. I collect dragons, therefore it interests me to get one in foil, which is partial incentive to buy the intro pack. But I certainly don’t need a Labyrinth Champion, so I’m really paying for just the one foil card and a booster pack… and that is most definitely not worth it for me. What would be the harm in including the Oracle of Bones instead of the Labyrinth Champion? It is on-theme with the deck and certainly isn’t going to be a highly sought after card in either case. Even if it were a highly sought-after card, that would make the intro packs sell even more copies!

While we are on the subject… what about the pre-release promotional cards? I understand dropping the rarity of the pre-release cards from mythic to rare, but at least make that rare a card I can’t find hanging in every single Wal-Mart on the planet! (Yes, I understand the pre-release version has alternate art and a date stamped on it, and in most cases, it just isn’t worth it to me.)

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