Commander Cube – Pack 1 Pick 1!

It’s Pack #1 of the Commander Cube! What is your first pick?



I pulled 15 cards from my Commander cube, and I’m looking for a first pick. The cards in the pack are:

Before reading on, post a comment of your P1P1 and why!

Let’s start with what may be the “obvious choice” for some players, the only Legendary creature in the deck, Sydri, Galvanic Genius. Sydri is very good… in a very specific deck. While it certainly is possible to attain the high number of artifacts that are required for her to be truly good, I think it is a bit risky taking her first pick. There are still 89 picks after this one, and many of the cards will be Commanders. IF you wanted to force the artifact-heavy deck, then by all means take her first and hope for the support cards that she will need.

Mana fixing is a great place to start in drafting cube, because you never know if you will see it later in the draft. However, there are only two mana-fixing cards in this deck, Selesnya Guildgate and Rootbound Crag. Of those I would take the Crag every time, particularly if I’m already in those colors, but in the rest of this pack there are two red and green cards. If I take the land, what are the odds that one or both of those cards make it back to me. I would expect to see the Sliver wheel, but I doubt the twister is making it back… particularly if the next person sees that there are two red/green cards and thinks it is open.

All but two of the remaining cards are really support cards for other decks, and so that leaves me with just those two to choose from. They are Wurmcoil Engine and Prophet of Kruphix,











Both of these cards are very powerful. One is just about the best Titan ever printed, and the other is super-powerful in that it enables a massive amount of advantage! What is really going to end up swaying my decision is the fact that the Prophet puts you into two colors. If you want to be in those colors and force the issue, then more power to you, but I think I’m going to take the game-ender, the Wurmcoil Engine. To me it is just the more powerful card and leaves me open to go into any color I want. Who knows, maybe the Prophet will make its way back to me?


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  1. Eric Lowell said:

    I have to pick the Wurmcoil Engine for 2 reasons. First, it’s a very powerful artifact creature that can affect a game in multiple ways. Second, as an artifact it would fit into almost any draft commander deck.

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