Commander Cube – Ready to Go!

The Cube is ready. Without further ado, here is my list:

It breaks down like this:

800 Total Cards

  • 367 Creature cards, 80 of which are Legendary
  • 85 Instant cards
  • 108 Sorcery cards
  • 64 Artifact cards (Artifact creatures are counted with creatures)
  • 76 Enchantment cards (For some reason, Deckbox counts the Gods and their weapons as enchantments over creatures or artifacts… as such they are included in the enchantment count.)
  • 16 Planeswalker cards
  • 84 Non-basic land cards

The colors break down like this:

  • 92 White cards
  • 92 Blue cards
  • 92 Black cards
  • 92 Red cards
  • 103 Green cards
  • 165 Multi-colored cards
  • 76 Colorless cards
  • 84 Non-basic land cards

The green is heavy over the other colors, but this is because green is heavy in the Commander pre-constructed decks as well. The overall balance of color is fairly even however, because among the multi-colored cards, green is less prevalent. According to the deck stats in the link above, the Cube has the following breakdown of mana symbols:

  • 240 Black
  • 236 Green
  • 222 Blue
  • 221 Red
  • 220 White

So you can see that black is the highest, with green trailing, but overall it is relatively even.

It took quite a bit of time to pull all the cards together, both because I was trying to be very careful about what I added to the base cards, and because I was being very thorough in my record-keeping. In fact, I hit a portion where my physical card count didn’t match my online list, so I had to go through card-by-card to figure out the issue. The issue was two guildmages that are present in both Commander sets, but I didn’t see them in my initial check because in one product the hybrid mana cards come after the multi-colored cards and in the other they are mixed in, so I didn’t notice the duplication. As an example of my method of pulling cards, if I had a card that had to come out of one of my own Commander decks, say Ghave, Guru of Spores, then not only did I take that card from the deck, I also wrote it on a note-card which I put in the deck box (along with the empty sleeve) AND I added it to a spreadsheet which I am using to track every card in the cube that came out of one of my regular Commander decks. Also in that spreadsheet, I have all 220 cards that I added to the cube listed out so that I know which cards can be traded in and out (remember that no matter what, the original pre-constructed decks will all remain within the cube).

When determining what to add to the preconstructed decks, I took many things into consideration. My first step was to add legendary creatures in an attempt to evenly cover every mono-, two-, and three-color combination, as well as colorless and 5-color. Next I had to determine which Planeswalkers were going in. My final decision was to have the original five, and then attempt to add one in each two-color pair. Unfortunately, the only blue/green Planeswalker won’t be available for a month or so, and there also isn’t a white/green Planeswalker at this time, so I added an additional white, blue, and green Planeswalker to help balance the colors, for a total of 16. Then I looked at support cards for some of the Commanders. For example, I chose to put in Sliver Queen, which meant that I also needed to have enough slivers to at least make it possible to draft a Sliver deck. I also have Scion of the Ur-Dragon, so in addition to the wedge tri-colored dragons from the original Commander product, I also added in the 5 shard tri-colored dragons (though not the original dragon legends), as well as several other red dragons. I know Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund isn’t in the cube, so I don’t have to worry about that aspect of it! While doing all of this, I also kept in mind the inclusion/exclusion lists of my playgroup and tried to accommodate them as much as possible.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m very excited to draft Commander. I’m picking up sleeves tomorrow, then I’ll do a little testing on Sunday to be followed up by a true draft on Tuesday night’s game night!

  1. Eric Lowell said:

    I think this is going to be awesome. Noticed it’s kind of weak on my favorite style of play, heavy for some others but overall pretty darn cool. Can’t wait till Tuesday

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