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Today in the Arcana article Wizards posted the decklists for the Born of the Gods Intro Packs. It has always bothered me that these decks aren’t more tailored to the new set that is coming out… particularly when it comes time to rotation and they include cards that are going to rotate out of standard. The Born of the Gods intro packs are no exception.

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It is spoiler season again! Born of the Gods previews are in their second week now, and I have to say that I am increasingly impressed with Wizards of the Coast. They continue to put out sets that are just amazing, and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. My wallet does not like it, but I certainly do!

Today in the Reconstructed article on, Gavin Verhey spoiled one of the new dual colored gods, Phenax, God of Deception!

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It’s Pack #1 of the Commander Cube! What is your first pick?



I pulled 15 cards from my Commander cube, and I’m looking for a first pick. The cards in the pack are:

Before reading on, post a comment of your P1P1 and why!

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The packs sit in front of each of us. Six individual bundles of fifteen sleeved cards, held together with bands of white paper are awaiting the draft, and then we begin. The first pack is picked up, the band of paper is removed, and we look at our first pack.

The excitement of thumbing through that first pack of cards in any draft is intense, and hard to describe, but let me tell you, I love it! The idea that in just a short time I can go from having nothing, to building a Commander deck based on random cards is amazing to me.

Pack one, pick one…

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It might be getting old, but as I said before, I’m very excited about my new cube! I picked up all the sleeves that I needed and the final few cards that I needed as well. My friend Eric and I spent an hour or two sleeping it up and behold! The cube complete!


Then we had to test it, so Eric and I counted out 180 cards (6 packs each) and then did a Winston draft. At first I was worried that one person would end up with many more cards than the other, but in the end it wasn’t too bad. I did have more cards than Eric, but not too many. My draft started out great with a pick-1 Skullbriar, the Walking Grave, followed shortly by a Corpsejack Menace, then I just kept getting black, green, and white cards (remember that we’re drafting 60 card decks and allowing a support color for any commander 2 colors or less). Eric said that he first-picked a Maelstrom Archangel, but after four or five picks asked if I had seen a Commander up to that point. After a few more picks I could tell he picked up a commander, so we were all good. Personally I really enjoyed the actual draft, and look forward to Winston drafting in the future!

I started drafting Skullbriar, just hoping to pick up Ghave at some point! but he never came up. Eric was drafting Rubinia Soulsinger, but right at the end of the draft he picked a Sliver Queen which opened him up for all five colors, even though he only had 1 sliver! And Eric had a LOT of bombs. He had three of the Gods, Sphinx of the Steel Wind, Maelstrom Archangel, Sliver Queen, and quite a few more, so of course he made a five-color deck. Mine was three-color, white, green, and black.

After decks were built we played just one game. Two things really told me how this game was going to play out… First, I had to cast Skullbriar on turn three, not turn two, and second, Eric was able to drop the 7/7 Sliver Queen on turn five!!! I put up an ok fight, but I could just never break through. In the end Eric won pretty easily.

We determined that the cube could use a bit more shuffling before game night, so when I got home I shuffled it really well, then to save just a few minutes in our game night, I pre-made packs so we are all ready to go on Tuesday!