Monthly Archives: November 2013

This past weekend saw the release of the 2013 Commander decks! Wahoo!!! I was very excited, and was able to pick up my pre-ordered set of all five decks at the Comikaze Convention in Los Angeles on Saturday. The next morning I started opening packages and going through the decks, and that’s when I noticed it… Could it be? Did they make these boxes big enough to hold a sleeved deck?!? I took a sleeve and dropped it into the box… it fit!!! Wizards of the Coast finally made a box big enough to hold a sleeved deck!!! I had tweeted about this very issue in the past, and received this response from Aaron Forsythe (@mtgaaron):


It makes sense, they probably have some kind of agreement with Ultra-Pro where they can’t produce competing product, but at the same time it is frustrating to us players. I have a ton of little boxes from Fat Packs, dual decks, Commander decks, etc… that I use primarily as spacers in my card boxes, and maybe to hold trades or foils or something like that. Other than that, they just create clutter until I decide to toss them. I get it though, the primary market for those products is the kitchen table, casual player, and some of them just don’t care about using sleeves. As such the boxes that come with those products are beneficial to them. But for the rest of us, and I’m willing to bet a vast majority of the Magic playing community, they just end up as trash.

So when I dropped the sleeve into the new Commander box and it actually fit, I was obviously excited. I sleeved up the deck and then this happened:


Hey Wizards? Either make the box hold a full sleeved deck, or don’t make it big enough to hold sleeves at all! Not only can I not put a sleeved deck in here, but if I put the unsleeved deck in the box, then they have a ton of room to move around side-to-side and top-to-bottom, creating potential for damaging the cards!

As far as the decks themselves are concerned, home run WotC, but for the boxes, I vote: Epic Fail!