Monthly Archives: October 2013

I realize that I have been away for some time now, and I apologize for that. It’s been a combination of not focusing as much on Magic as I used to, as well as getting busy with other things; work, family, friends. I can’t promise that I will maintain a regular schedule but I would like to think that I will try. You see one of the big issues that I have is that I tend to get my ideas and want to write while I am at work. This is a problem as I then take time away from my work to write a post… as I am doing now. Thankfully, this will be a short post.

In the world of Magic I have been getting busier. I was able to trade in some cards and get myself a box of Theros, as well as then trading in some of the cards I opened, along with my friend Eric, and splitting another box of Theros with him, then trading in some more cards to get a fat pack, and finally trading in some more cards to pick up the remaining Planeswalkers that I needed for my collection. It was a very productive Saturday for my collection… and I am still missing just one Planeswalker from having the complete set, Chandra, Pyromaster. I held off in buying her because I assumed her price would come down. It appears I was wrong. Ah well, I’ll eventually get her.

I did open up a Stormbreath Dragon… 2 actually, so I am keeping up with all the new dragons, but I’m still missing many of the older dragons for my collection.

I have some ideas for some articles, and I’ve even started drafts of them, but I really need to brainstorm what I want to say in these articles, so they have been on the back burner for a while, but they are pretty good ideas I think, and they may end up being on-going segments.

I’ve updated several of my decks with cards from Theros with Kresh the Bloodbraided gaining the most benefit in the form of Xenagos the Reveler, Purphuros, God of the Forge, the Bow of Nylea, and a couple other cards being the main additions. I think the deck is insane, but works much better in a one-on-one game than in multi-player.

Speaking of multi-player, we had our bi-monthly game night last night, and I was largely ineffective most of the night. Game 1 I played Kresh, and the opponents played Ghave, Darien, and Progenitus. Progenitus hit an early Sissay and started dropping Gods, eventually having all 4, then proceeded to build the fortress. He dropped Privileged Position, followed by Sigarda, and at that point the Vish Kal in play under Ghave was unable to do anything to his indestructible gods. I played nice and used a Maelstrom Pulse to destroy the Position, opening up his gods (the ones that were creatures at least) to removal via Vish Kal, but he decided to attack my Planeswalker instead. I blocked and of course he used considerable resources to destroy my board position. He was able to take out some of the board position of Progenitus, but he didn’t have the juice to complete the job, and Progenitus won handily. In game 2 I played Experiment Kraj (which loves the new Prophet of Kruphix by the way!) and the opponents were playing Ghave, Jenara, and Daxos of Meletis. I had a pretty decent start with an early Fertilid, but Daxos hit a Sword of Feast and Famine and a Spellskite before anyone could really get going. He dropped Daxos, suited up and was able to hold of the table for pretty much the whole game. There wasn’t much we could do, all three of us were green, and he had pro-green on his general. Every time I thought I had an answer, he had the answer for it. Daxos won that game with very little resistance.

I have my own Blue/White deck idea that I’m currently building. It should be sufficiently different from the Daxos deck in it’s strategy. I’m planning an article for the deck, and I may do a time-lapse build video. I still need to finish going through my collection and getting cards for the deck, but the video will cover culling that stack down to 99.

That’s all for now. Work beckons.