Solid Plays – Platinum Angel All-Star!

Today I have two solid plays, both of which center around one card… Platinum Angel! This stately angel makes it so that you can’t lose the game, nor can your opponents win the game, and it is this ability that really made these plays possible.

Life Switching FTW: Our first solid play actually happened several weeks ago at a game night involving David, Eric, and myself. I can’t recall what anybody was playing, but Eric pulled of a spectacular win. First he plays Platinum Angel, then neglects to block, going into negative life. Finally, he casts and activates Soul Conduit, switching his negative life total with David’s positive life total for the win!

Keeping Me Alive FTW: The second solid play was more recent, just last week actually. In a one-on-one game between Eric playing Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, and me playing Melek, Izzet Paragon. My deck took some time to get going but eventually started doing some crazy things, as it is supposed to do. Eric had me down to nine life when I cast Platinum Angel. He took me down to negative life, but didn’t have an answer for the Angel. Shortly after I draw out my library, so the angel is pulling double duty, keeping me alive from lack of life and from lack of cards. Luckily I have a pretty interesting interaction on the board, and it kicks off with a Time Stretch for a couple of extra turns. Then I drop a Magistrate’s Scepter, and then Ral Zarek. Ral lets me activate the “add a counter” ability from the scepter twice per turn, and the extra turns off of that coupled with the ultimate ability on Ral means that Eric never gets another turn. But I still have to win the game. I have only one win-con left, and that is Chance Encounter. I also had a Krark’s Thumb on the board to help with the coin flips, but only one card on board or in hand that would let me flip a coin… Ral Zarek and his ultimate ability. After I think two or three activations of Ral Zarek, I hit the tenth counter on Chance Encounter and pulled out  the win with negative life and no cards in my deck.


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  1. Me said:

    Defiantly showed why it’s a mythic rare with a high casting cost. Amazing card with 2 amazing wins.

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