Solid Plays #2 – Copies FTW

I’m playing Experiment Kraj. I have a Sphinx of the Magosi that is possibly going to win me the game. It get up to 12/12 at one point, and it could have gone bigger. My last opponent is playing elves and he is weak to flyers. I drop Mosswort Bridge and look at my top four cards. One of them is Biovisionary. Hmmm… no, not possible this game. True, I have Cackling Counterpart in my hand, but that only accounts for three total copies, and that would be spread over multiple turns, so I couldn’t count on no removal. The other cards are pretty useless as well, so I go ahead and put the Biovisionary under the bridge, with no expectations of being able to win with it.

The elves are surging. He has a huge guy that can block flyers and it is bigger than my sphinx. Even though he is only at 18 life, I can’t get through. I draw cards off of the sphinx, I pass the turn. His guy gets bigger still, he ships the turn back. I draw my card, it’s Phyrexian Metamorph. I can technically get my four copies of Biovisionary, but I still have to do it over multiple turns… or do I? I also had a card in hand called Citanul Hierophants. It turns all of my creatures into Llanowar Elves (letting them all tap for G). I cast the Hierophants and a Simic Sky Swallower, keeping the pressure on the flying attack front. Elves does some stuff and ships the turn back again. I’ve got him as long as he doesn’t have an answer. I bring the visionary out of hideaway, copy it with the Cackling Counterpart, copy it again via flashback, and finally drop the metamorph. I ship the turn back for the win.

The solid play isn’t really the fact that I pulled off a Biovisionary win, though it is something that I have wanted to do since I first saw the card, it was the fact that it was completely and utterly unexpected, by either my opponent or myself!

  1. Me said:

    Definitely the move of the night.

  2. zheng3 said:

    Can you get a Biovisionary win if three of the “biovisonaries” are tokens?

    • Absolutely. The rules on Biovisionary state only that the creatures be named Biovisionary. There are no other stipulations.

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