Monthly Archives: April 2013

Recently I was listening to a podcast in which the host talked about going to a Grand Prix and for the most part they had a very negative experience. It got me to thinking about the various Grand Prix and other large events that I have attended, and I realized that as casual players we may not know that much about these events. There is always a Grand Prix or a Star City Games Open on the horizon for someone, including what I think will be one of, if not the biggest Magic Tournament of all time. That is a record that will be hard to beat given the three thousand people that played in Grand Prix Charlotte, but given the setting, I think Grand Prix Las Vegas will give Charlotte a run for the money, and I am going to be there.

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I’m playing Experiment Kraj. I have a Sphinx of the Magosi that is possibly going to win me the game. It get up to 12/12 at one point, and it could have gone bigger. My last opponent is playing elves and he is weak to flyers. I drop Mosswort Bridge and look at my top four cards. One of them is Biovisionary. Hmmm… no, not possible this game. True, I have Cackling Counterpart in my hand, but that only accounts for three total copies, and that would be spread over multiple turns, so I couldn’t count on no removal. The other cards are pretty useless as well, so I go ahead and put the Biovisionary under the bridge, with no expectations of being able to win with it.

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