Solid Plays #1 – Flipping for Value

Welcome to my newest category, Solid Plays. This was inspired by my first game last night using my new Experiment Kraj deck. I pulled off a pretty funny sequence of plays that, while not game breaking, was pretty epic, and I thought I would share it. In the future I’ll be keeping this category in mind while I play, but I promise I won’t talk about anything that isn’t truly spectacular in some way… no “and then I combo’d out with Sharuum” unless of course it was through some unique way or against insane odds or something.

As I said, I played Experiment Kraj for the first time last night, and in my first game I had a really funny sequence of plays. The first spell that I was able to cast was a new one from Gatecrash, Unexpected Results. I shuffled up my library and then revealed… Eternal Witness, thereby returning Unexpected Results to my hand! The following turn I cast the card again, shuffled up, and revealed… Cackling Counterpart, creating a token copy of Eternal Witness (the only creature on the board) and returning Unexpected Results to my hand. The next turn I cast unexpected results yet again, shuffled up, and revealed… a Tideforce Elemental. The ride had to end at some point, but I think we were all hoping for another clone effect to pop up, and believe me, with one of the win-cons in the deck being Biovisionary, my opponents should have been happy to get those clones out of the library as early as possible!


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