Idea Log #8 – More Token Generation!

While on my way to work this morning I was listening to episode 168 of Limited Resources, their Mythic and Rare review show for Gatecrash. They were very excited about a certain green enchantment called Ooze Flux. In combination with creatures that have Evolve, the Ooze Flux represents the ability to repeatedly make ooze tokens, limited only by the amount of mana you have. Say you have three evolve creatures on the board, each with one +1/+1 counter. You pay 1G and make a 3/3 ooze creature by removing those counters. As long as the evolve creatures are less than 3 power or toughness, evolve will trigger and your creatures will have their counters back. Repeat.

Well I know a certain Commander deck that can use this ability very well…












Just sayin’

1 comment
  1. Eric Lowell said:

    Love the idea behind it, hate that I will be playing against it. Just sayin

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