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A few weeks ago I wrote about how we as players need to constantly review our decks to see how they are playing and move cards in and out of them accordingly. This article is a result of that one, and will be a brief look at the actual changes I’ve made to decks due to this practice.

You may recall that I have a Sharuum the Hegemon deck, and in that article a few weeks back I talked about how it needed some work. To reiterate a little bit I found while I was playing the deck that one thing or the other that would help me to win the game was not happening. I would get my ramp and removal, but not my card draw. I would get my card draw and removal, but not the ramp, and so on. I made the determination that the deck really needs to be slimmed down and focused on what it needs to do. Note that the deck list in the link above is not necessarily up to date.  Cards have been rotated in and out with set releases, etc… Perhaps in the future I’ll maintain each deck list that I post with all of the changes.

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Welcome to my newest category, Solid Plays. This was inspired by my first game last night using my new Experiment Kraj deck. I pulled off a pretty funny sequence of plays that, while not game breaking, was pretty epic, and I thought I would share it. In the future I’ll be keeping this category in mind while I play, but I promise I won’t talk about anything that isn’t truly spectacular in some way… no “and then I combo’d out with Sharuum” unless of course it was through some unique way or against insane odds or something.

As I said, I played Experiment Kraj for the first time last night, and in my first game I had a really funny sequence of plays. The first spell that I was able to cast was a new one from Gatecrash, Unexpected Results. I shuffled up my library and then revealed… Eternal Witness, thereby returning Unexpected Results to my hand! The following turn I cast the card again, shuffled up, and revealed… Cackling Counterpart, creating a token copy of Eternal Witness (the only creature on the board) and returning Unexpected Results to my hand. The next turn I cast unexpected results yet again, shuffled up, and revealed… a Tideforce Elemental. The ride had to end at some point, but I think we were all hoping for another clone effect to pop up, and believe me, with one of the win-cons in the deck being Biovisionary, my opponents should have been happy to get those clones out of the library as early as possible!


While on my way to work this morning I was listening to episode 168 of Limited Resources, their Mythic and Rare review show for Gatecrash. They were very excited about a certain green enchantment called Ooze Flux. In combination with creatures that have Evolve, the Ooze Flux represents the ability to repeatedly make ooze tokens, limited only by the amount of mana you have. Say you have three evolve creatures on the board, each with one +1/+1 counter. You pay 1G and make a 3/3 ooze creature by removing those counters. As long as the evolve creatures are less than 3 power or toughness, evolve will trigger and your creatures will have their counters back. Repeat.

Well I know a certain Commander deck that can use this ability very well…












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