Idea Log #6 – Better and Better

With Gatecrash right around the corner, it should go without saying that any Simic deck will get a nice boost from the new cards in that set. When you are finally excited about building a new deck however, sometimes you just can’t help but wait for the previews to start to rolling in. Here are some of the preview cards that I find particularly exciting!

Experiment One not only generates his own +1/+1 counters, but when he has them, it allows Experiment Kraj to regenerate himself!
Fathom Mage is just value, especially when you have ways to put counters on her other than her Evolve ability!
  Urban Evolution is a great card draw spell. It is true that it is a little bit expensive to be used for ramp, but being able to go from five mana to seven mana on turn six is a pretty nice jump.
 The Zameck Guildmage slots right into the Experiment Kraj deck. Like most of the guildmages from RTR, this guy appears to be a home run in the right build!
   The next best thing to getting to activate someone else’s ability is to do it twice.
 So, Stolen Identity is a Dimir card… big deal. My Kraj deck is all about two things, activated abilities and copied creatures. The ability to make a copy every turn is amazing, especially if I encode it onto something like Invisible Stalker!

Just in case you can’t tell, I’m going to be working on an Experiment Kraj deck in the coming few weeks. My hope is to have it nearly ready when Gatecrash lands. That way I can go get what I need and start playing it right away!

Happy Preview Season!

  1. Eric Lowell said:

    Add Prime Speaker Zenega to this deck. Holy crap!!!!!

  2. Eric Lowell said:

    Just saw Prime Speaker Zegana. Sweet for Kraj

    • Yes, as you said last week. Definitely a good add. I’ll need to include some blink/bounce effects as well to get some additional value out of her… too bad Venser, The Sojourner is U/!

  3. Eric Lowell said:

    ROFL. I must be very tired. Didn’t even realize i said that last week.

  4. Eric Lowell said:

    Conjurer’s closet isn’t blue

  5. Eric Lowell said:

    Just saw merciless eviction. I am soooooooo going to hate life when one of us gets it

    • That is freaking sweet! Ghave needed another removal spell!

      • Eric Lowell said:

        It is darn near a perfect removal spell. You can remove anything, it’s sick

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