Idea Log #5 – Gatecrash is Coming!

Welcome back from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Whatever you celebrate, I hope that it was enjoyable.

Now, on to the important stuff. Gatecrash previews have started. I know that everyone is probably drooling over Gideon 2.0, or perhaps trying to break the newest three-mana Planeswalker, but I’m looking forward to re-vamping one of my oldest Commander decks for the new age of Ravnica… Experiment Kraj. I played Kraj online last night and most people expect a combo deck of some type… but that’s not how I play Kraj. I play Kraj much like I play Ghave, Guru of Spores. I like creatures, I like to make copies of creatures, and I like to put tokens on creatures. Kraj facilitates that very nicely with some of the interactions he can get into, but let’s look a little closer at one of those statements. “…I like to make copies of creatures…” which leads me to the card that once I saw it, I absolutely knew that I was resurrecting my Experiment Kraj deck.

Most of the time when I played Kraj my objective was to swarm the opponent with a well timed Overrun, but this gives me the option for a nice alternate win condition. If I have a mere twelve mana, something that shouldn’t be hard to do in a Simic deck, then I can cast the Biovisionary, along with one of my favorite little cards, Rite of Replication, kicked. You get the idea. Of course, the rest of the deck will mostly be geared towards making copies of creatures, pumping them all up and swarming the opponents. If you’ve seen my Ghave deck list then you know that this is something I enjoy doing quite a lot. In fact, I’m wondering if I can’t figure out a way to just combine the two decks. Sadly there are no four-color generals… but I love the idea of Ghave, Experiment Kraj, and Cathar’s Crusade!


  1. Eric Lowell said:

    It would be much better if Kraj took on the Biovisionary ability but I think you can make it work anyways

    • Kraj himself doesn’t have to contribute to everything in the deck. It is actually a good idea to have win conditions that aren’t tied to the Commander. The deck is… or was very good at making copies of things already, so Biovisionary is a great addition even if I used Momir Vig as the general… And we’ll see what Gatecrash gives us in terms of Blue/Green Legends. Perhaps we will get something new to try!

  2. Eric Lowell said:

    Fair enough. I was just thinking that Kraj’s ability would have been more awesome with regards to Biovisionary if it were activated. And as you said, who knows what Gatecrash will have.

  3. Eric Lowell said:

    I was thinking mimic vat with Biovisionary under it along with sundial of the infinite would be cool too.

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