Monthly Archives: November 2012


Game 1

Me – Nin the Pain Artist

Opp 1 – Ghave, Guru of Spores

Opp 2 – Grimgrin, Corpse-Born

Opp 3 – Krond the Dawn-Clad

Quick game for me where an innocent Blasphemous Act pushes Krond to neuter my mana. Then an attack of opportunity turns Ghave and Krond against me (the two strongest players who should have been focusing on each other) and I was dead three turns later. I played about six rounds of Carmageddon while I waited for the next game. I believe that Grimgrin was able to pull out the win despite a slow start on mana.

Even though the deck didn’t last long in this particular game, it is in a much better position to do better than the previous version. I swapped out 10-15 cards and streamlined the theme of the deck. Not it has more consistency and better focus on what it is trying to do to win.

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