Sharuum – Decklist

At this past week’s game night I was able to get in a game using my Sharuum deck… and I won!!! Wahoo! For our first game however, I was playing Ghave, Guru of Spores. Opponent 1 was playing Arcum Dagsson, Opponent 2 was playing The mother$@&!ing Mimeoplasm and Opponent 3 was playing Sen Triplets. I was doing well, amassing a huge token army, but a well placed Phyrexian Rebirth from Sen Triplets lost me all of my creatures. Shortly after that Arcum won with a lock-down combo, causing us all to concede from the game.

Game two for the night was my Sharuum deck, and I was playing against Captain Sisay, The Mimeoplasm, and Sen Triplets. It was a little odd playing against another Esper deck, and I was somewhat
worried that he would try to get stuff out of my hand using the triplets, but he didn’t cast his general one time the whole night (and we played a total of three games.) The Sharuum deck worked just like it was supposed to. My only worry the whole game was when Sisay had Sigarda, Host of Herons and Avacyn, Angel of Hope on the board, and I knew that Gaddock Teeg was coming the next turn. Thankfully, I was able to cast Tezzeret the Seeker, removing four loyalty counters to put Phyrexian Metamorph into play copying Sigarda. This opened up Avacyn and she was sacrificed thanks to a Grave Pact in play on the Mimeoplasm’s board. I let it slip unfortunately that I was winning the following turn now that I had the Metamorph in the graveyard, and Mimeoplasm tried to cast something to get rid of it, but I had a Counterspell handy. The following turn I cast Sharuum, cycled her with the Metamorph about six hundred times and then cast Bitter Ordeal for the win. It was great fun though my opponents didn’t really agree.

The final game of the night was a marathon that went back and forth so many times it was insane! I changed over to playing my Animar, Soul of Elements deck and the others played their same generals. I came out of the gate strong, but with very little mana. Sadly, I hit a point where my library dried up and just wasn’t giving me anything useful. Sisay was desperately trying to lock his board down so we couldn’t interact with her at all. The Mimeoplasm of course was desperately trying to cast his general over and over, and it was over and over because everyone else was desperately trying to keep him off the board. Eventually I broke Sisay’s hold on the board with a Phyrexian Metamorph copying a legend (either Avacyn, Sisay, or Sigarda, I can’t remember which.) Sen Triplets were taken out of the game first, but the remaining three of us battled it out for a long time after. Finally, after much back and forth I landed a Consecrated Sphinx to which my opponent answered by casting The Mimeoplasm, copying my Phyrexian Metamorph, which was copying my Consecrated Sphinx. Some sick draws later I had a Reliquary Tower on the board and a hand chock full of cards, and after a couple turns I dropped Seeedborn Muse. Then I dropped a Quick Sliver on the board and by the following turn I had a massive board presence and was able to drop a Craterhoof Behemoth for the win!

I think the Sharuum deck is working incredibly well now, and I haven’t made that many tweaks to it since that first week that I played it. I’m sure that there are things I could do differently, better

 cards, etc… and I am very open to suggestions. I am not very willing to drop much more cash on this deck, as I already spent quite a bit getting it to where it is now, but please, feel free to comment and give feedback, etc…

Bear in mind that my strategy is to be in total control at all times. I have only the creatures that I need to win the game by method of combo. As such, of course Sharuum is the centerpiece of that combo. I have six other cards, three of which are the combo
enablers (Metamorph, Sculpting Steel, and Tainted Aether) and the other three are the win-cons
(Disciple of the Vault, Dire Undercurrents, and Bitter Ordeal.) To get me to my combo I have seven different tutors, nine card draw spells, and three recursion spells, including Pull from Eternity which lets me grab something out of exile and put it into my graveyard! Since I don’t have any creatures, the only real way to protect myself is through removal. I have a large supply of targeted removal in various forms from bounce to destroy to exile to tuck, as well as a large supply of mass removal across those same categories. In all I have seventeen pieces of removal in the deck. To further protect myself and my combo I have four pieces of counter magic of various forms, as well as five “other” spells that help to
protect me but aren’t removal or counter magic. I am absolutely itching to get Humility on the table! Finally, and mainly because I know at least one opponent plays The Mimeoplasm, I have a couple of pieces of graveyard hate. Last but not least are the mana rocks (six of them), and my mana base. I try to always keep a fair amount of it basic, so out of a total forty lands, twenty-two of them are basic.

The only thing I am considering at this time is to drop one of the six mana rocks and put in another card draw spell or tutor to help get to that combo faster, as my mana generally seems pretty solid.

The list is below, so as I said, feel free to leave a comment on what cards you wouldn’t include, what you would use in their place, etc… I appreciate all feedback. Up next? I want to film a piece for CMDR Decks with my Ghave deck soon. Also, I’m working on a Blue/Red deck, but figure I should wait until I have some Return to Ravnica in my hands!




Card Draw


Removal – Targeted

Removal – Mass


Other Protections

Graveyard Hate

Mana Rock

Mana Base


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