Discussion #1: Humility

As you know I’ve been building a Sharuum deck, and that deck is going to be mostly creature-less. I was listening to Brainstorm Brewery, Episode #19 yesterday when one of the hosts brought up a card called Humility.

 Humility is apparently seeing a lot of play in Legacy right now, which is why them mentioned it. However, in any deck that is mostly  creature-less, even a Commander deck, a card like Humility would be a rock star!

However, this Sharuum deck is not going to be completely creature-less, in fact it relies on creatures to win.

Here’s the question, do I include the card in the deck, along with 1 or 2 pieces of removal for it? Do I include it in the deck without removal for it, assuming that eventually my opponents will remove it for me?Or do I leave it out because it is too much of a liability to my plan?

Drop me a comment here or on Twitter (@cmartinell) with your thoughts!

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