Idea Log #4

While listening to Commander Cast I discovered a new interaction for Sharuum the Hegemon.


For those unfamiliar with the concept of a Sharuum combo, typically you would pair Sharuum up with a Sculpting Steel. With Sharuum in play you cast the Sculpting Steel copying Sharuum. The enter the battlefield trigger goes on the stack and then the two copies of Sharuum see each other, the Legend rule kicks in, and they both go to the graveyard (in the case of Commander, you choose for the original Sharuum to go to the graveyard for the purposes of this combo,) and then the enter the battlefield effect resolves. With it you return Sharuum to play. When she enters play, you then use that trigger to bring back the Sculpting Steel, copying Sharuum. This is repeated as many times as necessary to win. The actual win-con is Disciple of the Vault which causes an opponent to lose one life whenever an artifact is put into a graveyard. Sharuum and Sculpting Steel go to the graveyard infinitely until the table is dead.

Tainted Aether takes the place of the Sculpting Steel. Instead of copying Sharuum and using the Legend rule to get her into the graveyard, with this one you play her, then sacrifice her with the enter the battlefield trigger on the stack. Use the trigger to bring her back and sacrifice her again. Repeat infinitely until you win the game.

There are other win conditions as well. My other favorite is Dire Undercurrents. It lets you have target player draw a card when a blue creature enters the battlefield, and lets you have target player discard a card when a black creature enters the battlefield. Sharuum is both black and blue, therefore as she infinitely recurs, each player is forced to draw then discard their entire deck. There is a slight downside to this approach as the opponents may have Eldrazi Titans in their decks. If that is the case then when they discard the Eldrazi, they get their graveyard shuffled back into their decks.  You could use some fancy words to claim that eventually the Eldrazi (if they only have one) will be the only card left in the deck, in which case you don’t have them discard that last card (the Dire Undercurrents triggers are “may” abilities after all.) You could also have a Relic of Progenitus ready to go for them.

With multiple ways to trigger the infinite combo, and multiple win conditions off of the infinite combo, my new Sharuum deck is going to be incredibly resilient. I’ve also decided that due to the interactions with Tainted Aether, I’m going to make the deck almost entirely creature-less, and focus on the control aspects of black, white, and blue! I can’t wait to get this deck started!

  1. This doesn’t work the way you think it does. When Sharuum enters the battlefield with Tainted AEther on the battlefield, two triggers are placed onto the stack simultaneously. In order to place both triggers on the stack, you must choose a target for Sharuum’s ability BEFORE the ability even hits the stack. Therefore, it cannot target itself because it is not in the graveyard when you place the trigger on the stack.

    • Thanks for the clarification. I had heard this in Jack Lacroix’s MTGSalvation primer on Sharuum, but I never took the time to correct my post on it. Also I wanted to get some confirmation on it, so thank you.

      In the end I chose to keep the card in my deck despite it not being a combo-piece with Sharuum, as my deck is nearly creature-less, and this goes well in that strategy.

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