Idea Log #1

Like many, I pass my vast commuting hours listening to podcasts. Primarily those podcasts are on the topic of Magic: The Gathering. Just FYI, my favorites include Horde of Notions, Commander Cast, The Mana Pool, Monday Night Magic, and so on. While listening to these I tend to get ideas for decks, commanders to use, interesting combos, or just things that I might want to try out. Sadly, as I’m in the car on the freeway when I hear these things for the most part, I don’t get the chance to write them down or remember to look them up when I get where I’m going.

Well, I started this blog as a way to help me hash out ideas and go over my methods, and to share that information in the hopes that it may help someone else as well, so I thought I would add a segment to my posts called the Idea Log! Essentially, these will be short posts with me stating the ideas that I get and maybe a bit of fleshing that idea out.

Today on the way to work I was listening to The Mana Pool and one of the hosts mentioned that he was building a Ruhan of the Fomori deck. They got to talking about how political it could be to say “I’m sorry, but if I didn’t have to attack then I wouldn’t, and it was the die that made me attack you! This got me to thinking about making a completely random deck. A quick search for the word random in this commander’s colors reveals approximately 66 cards. Many of those are “discard a card at random” effects, but some of the others might fit the mold. Searching the same colors for the word “coin” gives us 53 cards. Sadly searching “dice” only came up with one non-“un” card, and it just had “Dice” in the title. The word “Die” is used too many times in the context of creatures going to the graveyard rather than the context of “roll a die” to be an accurate gauge of what we could build this kind of deck out of.  Other cards to look for would be things that force you to attack every turn, a-la Juggernaut. We’ll see if I ever get around to actually trying to make a deck like this work, but it’s a fun idea!


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