Over the past couple years, most of my Magic time has been spent playing pre-constructed Commander decks actually. Other than that, I was building new decks, but with the loss of my regular group (whom I know and trust each individual), I wasn’t really playing too much Magic, and I really wasn’t playing my Commander Cube as much as I was before. As a result, the cards in the cube shifted more and more into decks. Then I needed 400 sleeves for the Commander 2017 decks, and poof! No more cube. I still have the list, both in a Google spreadsheet and on Tapped Out, so I can always re-make it, but I haven’t been overly motivated.

When Conspiracy: Take the Crown was released I got a little motivated. I started trading to get many of the draft and multi-player specific cards from that set as well as from the first Conspiracy. The goal was to remake the cube with those cards included. But, the inspiration began to wear off, and the cards never made it into the cube. The cube sat unused, most of it’s cards now sleeveless.

Then… inspiration struck. Unstable spoilers began. It seemed that with each new card I saw, one of my initial reactions was “that would be so much fun in the cube!” By the time the full set was spoiled, I knew it would be a reality. Time to build a new cube! I got to work planning.


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Fleshbag MarauderDesert TwisterPrime Speaker ZeganaGrave PactFierce EmpathVedalken PlotterVow of WildnessSelesnya SignetProgenitusGoblin SharpshooterOblivion StoneZedruu the GreatheartedCollective VoyageBorrowing 100,000 Arrows

Fellwar Stone

What is your pick?

My Pick

The first thing that I would look at here is whether or not there is anything that is worth taking over a commander or otherwise strong creature. In other words, any overtly powerful or strategy-enabling card that might not wheel. The only thing here that I might take over one of the legendary creatures is Grave Pact… not so much because I want it in my deck, but because I am fairly certain I wouldn’t see it again, and I wouldn’t want to have to play against it. That said, since I know it’s there, and that someone else will likely have it, I can certainly pick up removal for it later. For example the Desert Twister that will probably come back by me at least once in this pack.

There are then three potential commanders in this pack, and of those, two are strong candidates for my tastes. So, do I choose Progenitus? Or Prime Speaker Zegana? My first pick in this pack is Prime Speaker Zegana. I like that she’s easier to cast, and despite Progenitus being an amazing creature, the speaker is just more interesting and gives me something to build around!

Shortly after publishing my “Road to Zero” article about PucaTrade, a new update was posted on their blog. You can read it in full here:

The Economy, Common Dues, and Foils For All


As I mentioned in my prior article, PucaTrade has multiple tiers of membership; common, uncommon, and rare. The latter two are paid memberships that provide the users with added benefits over the unpaid common tier, things like reduced promotion fees, names to the top of the lists and so on.

Also as I mentioned, PucaTrade has had a serious problem with their economy over the past couple of years, and they have been actively trying to remove points from the system. According to the article, they have been removing five times as many points as are being added to the system each month. They don’t feel like it is enough. The community isn’t feeling the impact.


Thus they introduce Common user dues.

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My want list sits with just six cards, all planeswalkers, all at 513 points or less. I pop over to PucaTrade’s Discord chat, the #trades-paper category and enter my new hourly plea…

I’m down to my last 782 points! Someone help zero me out! If you have any card on my list I will promote it to 782 points minus the promotion fee!

That was in the morning no too long ago. That afternoon I received a message. “I’ll send you Dovin for 782”. I made the promotion and now my account is at zero points.


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You sit at the table, peeking over the fan of cards in your hand at the faces of your opponents. You scan the battlefield, taking in the various permanents that make up each player’s board. You ask “Cards in hand?” to the other players. You consider all of this information, taking what you know of each opponent’s deck, personality and play-style into consideration. And then you pass the turn.

“Ugh! You took forever and didn’t do anything!” Johnny untaps his land, draws his card and almost immediately re-taps his land, casting a heavy beater. Franklin reacts instantly, looking at George’s board which is packed with creatures and, noting that your board is as empty as his says “looks like you and I are the only ones that will be hit by that thing, can you do anything about it?”

“…Maybe?” is your cautious answer.

“What do you mean maybe?!” Franklin asks, “you either do or you don’t, and that thing can take you out with a couple of hits!” He gestures to his board and empty hand. “I have no answers for it! If you don’t take care of it he’ll take both of us out of the game!”

“Meh, it doesn’t seem like much of a threat to me,” you reply, allowing the creature to resolve.

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